Newsletter – July 2018

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Newsletter Monday 23rd July 2018

Dear Parents,

As we come to the end of another school year there has been a great deal to celebrate. I am privileged to work alongside a skilled office staff and teaching team. Everyone makes a significant contribution to making St Michaels the school it is.


1. A very enjoyable hog roast and disco on Friday – definitely a new tradition
2. A very successful and enjoyable obstacle course on Friday. Enjoyed by everyone. Thanks to Mrs Tomlinson for organising this.
3. Mrs Rodger and Miss Wright have had two beautiful baby boys while on maternity leave and will return to work in September 2018.
4. The Wrap Club, which continues to grow and give support to working parents and offer a fabulous play environment for our children. It opens from 7.30am to help commuters get to their trains on time.
5. A successful SIAMs with outstanding grade (report on school website)
6. The school council’s idea for the Peace Garden has come to fruition with the support of staff and parent volunteers and looks fabulous.


Under my leadership, I have made it clear that St Michaels focuses on the whole child: mind, body and spirit. It is important to me that I know all your children’s names and personalities as well as their academic attainment, so I can support them to be the best that they can be. I love opportunities to teach. I am determined not to be an administrative head hidden in an office. Each year, I work with Y6 in small groups. Over the last two years, the Senior Leadership team led by Mrs Prole, supported by the governors, have put a great deal into developing more sharply focused short term interventions, alongside standard classroom lessons, for children who need a boost at certain times in the year. These are planned from NFER test outcomes and teacher assessment and ensure all children are given the opportunity to attain age related expectations.

This year Y6 attained some of the best results in recent years. The results are not yet validated but indicate that this Y6 achieved 97% reading and 90% Gaps 90% maths and 84% writing which is well above national data. This was a particularly strong cohort, but with sharply focused interventions in each year group with our skilled teaching staff and teaching assistants, I am confident that we can attain the very best outcomes for each class by the end of Y6, as well as giving them a rich curriculum. Y2 also attained great results above national in reading, writing and maths which will set them in good stead for Y3.


The classrooms are purposeful and calm working environments. We have very little bad behaviour but we have set our sights on addressing any low level behaviour which disrupts learning. As a result, we slightly altered our behaviour system so that minor low level behaviour is addressed immediately rather than waiting till the end of the week. This appears to be working, although I do have a small group of children who are becoming familiar faces at break missing five minutes for disrupting others work, chattering, poor manners or lack of respect in the classroom. I intend to work on this in September, and might contact parents to support me in managing this in the best interests of their child. A shared meeting between head and parents and the child might make all the difference if the child knows it is important to both school and home. It will inevitably have a positive impact on progress and educational outcomes. Something we all aspire to.


1. We now have a PE passport to assess PE
2. We have developed the science curriculum with a particular focus on practical science.
3. All staff and TA’s have been trained in a guided reading structure to support the development of reading and vocabulary across school.


1.We plan to work on writing, particularly focusing on cross curricular opportunities to inspire quality pieces.
2. The children will receive between 4 and 5 half hour guided reading sessions to develop their vocabulary and comprehension.


The key things to impact on your child’s educational outcomes are
1.Reading to an adult, who can ensure the child understands and can explain what the words, paragraphs and chapters mean and relate a summary of what has been read.
2.Develop the ability to tell the time
3. Rehearse number bonds to 5,10, 20, 100 and time stables. Every child needs to know all their tables by Y4. There will be a government test in 2020 – current Y3
4. Understand money: small coins can be worth more than bigger sized coins, count out change.
5. Develop a broad vocabulary by talking together. We are told 300 new words a year makes a significant difference.


1. Check your contact details and medical info are up to date in the office, especially if you have changed mobiles. If your child’s medical needs have changed, we need to know too. Many inhalers were out of date in school. Please Do Jo the class teacher if your child has asthma and an inhaler is needed in school so we can get transition to next year right.
2. I have sent out copies of the homeschool agreement and E safety forms for your signature if we cannot find them on our files in school. Apologies if you had done this and it has been lost between classroom and office. Please return them by Thursday morning. We will keep a checklist and chase you for these in September, as they are an important contract with school.
3. Check the Uniform Policy on the school website to be prepared for September. I will be checking for black school shoes, school PE kit with logo and school uniform compliance when the children return in September.

Wishing you a very happy and restful summer Mrs Drayton

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