Newsletter 4

Harvest Festival

Thank you to all who donated to our Harvest Festival. The donations will be taken along to the Booth Centre in Manchester which supports the homeless.

The Harvest Service here in school was well attended and I am sure enjoyed by all. We raised £75 with the collection that was taken at the service and this also will go to the Booth Centre.

School Dinners

We have changed our choice of school dinner menu in order to include a sandwich, wrap or baguette option for those children who do not wish to have a full hot meal. The new menu will be in place after half term on Tuesday 4th November 2015. If you have already pre-ordered a meal for after this date you will need to re-order. A copy of the menu is available to view on the back of this newsletter.

Annual Bonfire 2014 – Saturday 8th November 2014

As we have agreed to do in previous years, we are selling tickets to the Abbotsfield Park Bonfire on behalf of the Urmston Lions Charity. We receive 20% commission on all tickets sold. Please return the attached pro-forma if you wish to purchase tickets for your family. The unsold tickets will be collected on the 5th November so will be available until that day.

PTA Funds

Mrs Drayton has gathered prices of outdoor equipment and various items. She will be arranging to work with the PTA in the near future to establish and set out our spending priorities.


Bags2School need to be returned by 9.00 a.m. on Friday 17th October 2014.

We have an unclaimed raffle prize from our Michaelmas Fair. The ticket number is 28.Please contact the school office to collect the prize.

Assessment Week

Next week, all the staff will be assessing the children in a variety of ways to measure progress since the May 2014 tests. Children will complete assessments in writing, reading and maths. The tests are not onerous and alongside teacher assessments, gathered from lessons and children’s work, staff will be able to form a judgment about your child’s progress. The information gathered will be communicated to you at parents’ evening. It will be made clear whether your child is performing at, below or above age related expectations.

Parents’ Evenings – Autumn Term 2014

Parents’ Evenings will be held on Wednesday 5th November and Wednesday 12th November.

As the 5th November is during the first week back after half term, we will need to finalise your appointment times prior to finishing on 24th October. We will, therefore, send further details regarding these evenings to you next week,

Remembrance Centenary Festival is taking place in school on Thursday 6th November 2014. We close for half Term on Friday 24th October 2014 at 3.30 p.m. and return on Tuesday 4th November 2014.

Alison Drayton,



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