Newsletter 9

Download the full newsletter including Parents Evening Review and Trip Provision Survey– March 2016 and After School Club Interest Survey: Newsletter 09 1032016


Dear Parents


Thank you for your attendance at parents evening. We value your partnership in achieving the best outcomes for your child. Please fill out the feedback form to help us to make the evenings as informative as possible.


We are working on the path in the school garden tomorrow from 1.30pm onwards. Anyone feeling strong and wanting a free workout would be most welcome to join us. We will be wheel barrowing hardcore and gravel up from the nursery and into the wildlife garden to form a base for a path. Due to the heavy nature of the work involved it is inappropriate for children to be present. Please bring wellies, spades, rakes and wheel barrows if possible. Please join us using the nursery entrance. We would like to extend our gratitude to Travis Perkins who have donated materials towards the project.


In 2012 I sent out a survey about the number and cost of school trips. I reminded parents that the hire of a coach is around £5.00 a head, depending on distance travelled, before the entrance fees are added. Parents agreed to support one trip @ around £17.00 and a trip/school based activity @ around £8.00 per year. Although the contributions are considered ‘voluntary’, we have been evaluating whether we can continue to go ahead with the proposed two trips a year. For the Year 6 Crucial Crew Safety Training event, 79% of the contributions were made giving a £50 loss and 72% of the Y5 Saxon Day contributions were made leaving a £67.50 loss. These are times of financial austerity for all and unfortunately the cost of the trips we offer cannot be made from the main school budget. Any family finding it difficult to make the financial contribution should see me and provision can be made.
As Head, I remain committed to offering both excellence and enjoyment for all children.


18th March: Sports Relief Obstacle Course – more information will be sent out via Class Do Jo next week.
21st March: St Michael’s Easter service will be held in church at 9am and 2pm. Parents and Grandparents are welcome to attend. Due to the fact whole school is involved, seating for guests will be on the side aisles only.
23rd March: PTA Easter Bonnet event. A prize will be awarded for the best in each class.
24th March: Dance Mats. Children can come to school in their own clothes and bring a donation of £1. Each child will receive a mini chocolate egg.


I met with the Finance Governors this morning with a proposal that from September 2016 St Michael’s run their own After School and Breakfast Club from this site. In order to work out if the proposition is financially viable I need to request that you record possible interest in the proposal. The costs would be similar to Cool Kids. We are aware some parents might wish to remain loyal to Cool Kids, which is a private business and will remain operating from St Monica’s.

The Governors and I believe it would be a positive move for parents, offering a wrap around care package based on the same site on which the children are educated. It would be run by staff employed by school. In the future, we may be able to extend to holiday clubs. Please fill out the form attached to enable us to gauge interest.

May I wish all of you a very Happy Easter.

Alison Drayton


Download the full newsletter including Parents Evening Review and Trip Provision Survey– March 2016 and After School Club Interest Survey: Newsletter 09 1032016

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