Newsletter 6

“I have come that everyone may have life and have it to the full (John10:10)

Newsletter 6 – Autumn Term 2015
Tuesday 24th November

The rehearsals for the nativities have begun! There is singing around every corner, the stage is in place and Christmas is nearly here!
Nativity Dates:
Monday 7th December 9.15 a.m. Morning Nursery and Reception class nativity
Tuesday 8th December 2.15 p.m. Aftenoon Nursery and Reception class nativity
Monday 14th December 9.30 a.m. KS1 Nativity
Tuesday 15th December 2.30 p.m. Key Stage 2 Carols in Church
6.30 p.m. Key Stage 2 Carols in Church
Monday 30th November 2.40 p.m. Saxophone concert for parents of Y4
Monday 30th November p.m. Y6 children visiting Wellacre for Dress Rehearsal of
‘Grease’ – we will assume children have permission
to walk to and from Wellacre unless we are informed
to the contrary.
Thursday 3rd December 10.00 a.m. Key Stage 2 Advent Eucharist in Church
I will assume permission to leave the premises to walk to the Church is given unless parents contact
Friday 11th December 3.30 p.m. Movie Night for KS1 and Nursery
6.00 p.m. Key Stage 2 (Details herewith from the PTA)
Francis House
Every year we support Francis House by selling items to raise funds for the hospice. This year there are a variety of soft toys for £2 and various snow globe keyrings for £1. They will be on sale from Wednesday 25th November.
16th December
The school Christmas Dinner will be prepared by our kitchen staff. We invite children to eat together on this day. Dolce meals cost £2.20 and children can order in the usual way, or order a meal through the school office if they normally have a packed lunch.

New Year 2016
Cashless School
From January the school office is becoming ‘cashless’, in line with many other primaries and the majority of secondary schools. Following a financial audit, the Finance Governors met and upheld my recommendations that we should introduce ‘Parent Pay’ in the New Year. Parent Pay will allow you to make payments into your own dedicated online account in Parent Pay using a range of methods:
• Credit and debit cards
• Paypoint (at the local post office)
• Standing Order
• Faster Payments
Parents who prefer to pay cash would be provided with a bar-coded letter facility which would enable an “over the counter” cash payment at local stores who operate PayPoint facilities. View the location of local PayPoint outlets at From January, no cash will be received in the office. Parent Pay will provide us with detailed information in the next couple of weeks and this will be communicated to all parents before we finish for Christmas.
Dolce Meals – Please understand that meal payments will have to be done through Direct Debit to Dolce. Cash will not be accepted in the office for school meals. Please set up your DD to Dolce by visiting and following the link on the Parent tab.

If you have taken details of next year’s Parents’ Evenings from the school website, please note that due to our commitment to the Young Voices concert on 2nd March, the dates are now the 7th and 10th of March.

Alison Drayton

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