Newsletter 4

“I have come that everyone may have life and have it to the full (John10:10)
Newsletter 4 – Spring Term 2017 Tuesday 21st March
Dear Parents,
We have enjoyed another great term here at St Michael’s. I was reflecting with some parents I have known for years in the playground about the changing face of education. At times it is very hard to keep the balance between external expectations on safeguarding and data, and manage the impact of financial austerity on the school budget. I believe we do well here to maintain the heart of our school despite those external pressures. I have always been determined to provide an education for your children that I would be happy to offer my own. St Michael’s has always had an ‘open door’ policy and welcomed parents and the local community through our doors. New directives from the local authority are making it tougher to keep precious traditions here alive and prevent safeguarding measures from making our school seem a harsh and suspicious environment. I am proud of the caring and thoughtful environment we offer our families and children. I continue to value your support and suggestions in all aspects of your children’s life at school and will continue work with you to maintain our welcome and partnership. I am aware rainy mornings and evenings can be miserable on the playground and, with that in mind, I am currently looking at ways to fund a school shelter for parents to offer some protection from the rain. It can cost anything from £2000 upwards so some research needs to be done and I will approach the PTA to seek approval for some funding this year.
I am determined to keep offering two trips a year to the children, but I do need to make you aware that coach costs continue to rise. Each coach is costing us around £250 which means it’s @ £8 per child on top of entrance costs. The office informed me today that they booked a coach to George Carnell for a sports event which was £120! Thank you for your continued support to make these trips possible and learning exciting for the children.
· Year 3 to Delamere Forest for the Stone Age Day
· Year 5 went to a Harry Potter Day at Flixton Girls
· World Book Day was enhanced with a Footlights workshop
· Reception went to Dutton’s pond
· Year 6 went to Tatton Park for an Anglo Saxon Day
· We had a very successful E Safety Day where we hope we have taught children ways to keep safe on line.
· Y1/Y2 have a multi skills day coming up
· We have had microscopes in school for the children to work with during Science Week
I continue to be proud of our CPD programme in school. A sign of a good school is where the staff continue to develop professionally Every single member of staff leads a subject area and supports that subject development through school. I am
grateful to staff who also voluntarily support activities in their own time.
· Miss Livert and Miss Fisher are on a Reflect, Question and Transform teaching course with the TTSA.
· Miss Flood continues to develop our science curriculum. Last week the whole school built rocket mice and created experiments to measure how far, high or fast a paper mouse could fly. She continues to attend a science hub and led
another staff meeting on the quality of science teaching and assessment in school. She hosted half of Y1 Trafford teachers here to develop KS1 moderation of writing this week.
· Mrs Tomlinson continues to monitor the sports premium grant; on April 3rd there will be some new metal multi -purpose goals/nets for the children. She continues to support netball after school.
· Mrs Willshire continues to support various sports in her own time after school, and the gardening club with Mrs Prole. If you look in the nursery she has built a willow igloo for the children to play in.
· Mr Massey has begun a research project with Manchester University to evaluate the impact of our basic skills maths teaching on Wednesday morning in KS2.
· Mrs Rodger will take over English coordination. She has attended St Mary’s with a small group of Y6 to develop greater depth writing. Miss Fisher and Mrs Prole will be attending an Alan Peat course on ‘Engaging Able Writers’
· Kate Rackham, our new parent governor, has completed a new computing scheme of work for us to keep our ICT teaching as current as possible.
· Mrs Gerrard, Mrs Ryder, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Willshire will all be attending an exciting new course on how TA’s can help pupils learn key skills, develop understanding, and enable progress within the classroom. Long gone are the days when a TA
sorted the paint and was a class help! I wish to thank them for the difference they make to staff and to children’s learning outcomes.
Charity Support /Notices
Thank you to members of the School Council! We sold £200 eggs to support Francis House. I’m not sure who bought more, the children or the staff!
BAGS TO SCHOOL ARE DUE IN BY 27TH MARCH – Money will go towards the Shelter!
Mrs Drayton – Head teacher
All Welcome to the EASTER SERVICE St Michael’s Church Monday 27th March
9.15AM or 1.30PM
NURSERY OPEN AFTERNOON Saturday 25th March 2PM – 4PM Tell your friends we have spaces available for September

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