Newsletter 16

Newsletter 16 – Summer Term 2015 – Tuesday 12th May

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Positive Parenting

The event for parents on Wednesday 6th May was well received. Sharon Amensu was an excellent presenter and offered strategies to develop resilience in children to equip them for 21st Century living. By the end of this half term you will be able to view her slides and the handout from school on our website.

Mobile Phones (Extract from newsletter January 2014)

Mobile phone theft is currently the most frequent street crime and young children using a mobile phone on the way to, or from school, are consequently at risk. I am sure you will have discussed the safety issues surrounding your children’s use of mobile phones, and understand the need for some older children to be able to communicate their safety to parents. However, in consideration of the entire issue, I would request that parents return a signed letter explaining the need for their child to bring a phone to school. This will also help in making us aware of children having the responsibility of a mobile phone in school.
Further to this advice, we have now requested that all mobile phones brought to school should be submitted to the school office for safe keeping until collected at 3.30 p.m. by your child.

First Aid in School

All staff are attending twilight training in school on ‘First Aid at Work’ and Paediatric first Aid on 20th and 21st May.


I am delighted to announce the appointment of three staff for September to replace the current temporary contract holders.

Miss Lucie Flood – KS1 Leader
Miss Abi Fisher – KS1
Ms Sophia Livert – KS2

Staffing arrangements for September will be communicated to parents when the End of Year Records of Achievement are sent out.

Dates for your diary


Friday 15th May Class Photographs

Monday 18th May KS1 SATS Tests

Wednesday 10th June Delamere Music Project begins with six children from St. Michael’s who wrote letters of application to work with the children at the school.

Monday 15th June Year One Phonics Testing

Friday 26th June Sports Day

Thur/Friday 2nd/3rd July Flixton Girls Transition

Thursday 2nd July 6.30 p.m. Nursery September 2015 – Parents’ meeting

Thursday 9th July Flixton Folk Festival – Performing Arts Group lead by Mrs. Lucas and Mrs. Gerrard.

Friday 10th July Records of Achievement out and September Staffing Arrangements

Saturday 11th July Roebuck Pub – Church Road – Flixton Folk Festival Choir

Friday 17th July Y6 Leavers’ Disco – all children welcome 6.30 – 8.00 p.m. – Year 6 having ‘Leavers 3 course Dinner’ prior to disco.

Thursday 23rd July Y6 Leavers’ Assembly and presentation

Friday 24th July School closes for summer holidays returning on Thursday 4th September

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