Newsletter 13

“I have come that everyone may have life and have it to the full (John10:10)
Newsletter 13 – Spring Term 2015
Tuesday 17th March
World Book Day
Thank you to all parents and children taking part in World Book Day. School was filled with a host of
characters, marvellous costumes and fun activities. Please see a report of the day on the reverse of this
School Book Fair
Thank you for your much valued support of the book fair held last week here in school. The amount
raised has enabled us to purchase £261.00 worth of books for school. These will enhance our library and
class reading.
Young Voices Y5 and Y6 Wednesday 4th March 2015
Our Y5 and Y6 children took part in the Young Voices concert at the Phones4U Arena on Wednesday 4th
March 2015. The children enjoyed the experience, some of their reports are available to read on the
reverse of this letter.
Community Fundraising
Your support in buying the knitted Easter chicks to raise money for Francis House Hospice is much
appreciated. The total amount raised was £477 and a cheque will be sent to Francis House this week.
Easter Assembly and Farewell to Revd. Vicky Johnson. Wednesday 25th March 2015
Our Easter Service will take place on Wednesday 25th March, 9.00 a.m. in church. All parents are
welcome to join us. It will also be an opportunity to say farewell to Revd. Vicky who leaves us on Sunday
5th April to take up her new post as Residentiary Canon at Ely Cathedral.
Readathon – Tuesday 17th March 2015 – Friday 17th April 2015
Mrs Prole held an assembly this morning giving information to the children about the Readathon that is
taking place over the next few weeks. The children have been given a pack today to bring home which
explains how the initiative works. We would request that all sponsorship forms and money is returned to
school by Friday 17th April 2015. The monies raised from the Readathon will be split between four
charities Read Well, Roald Dahl’s Charity, CLIC Sargent and Together For Short Lives and 20% of the
amount raised will be allocated to our school for books in our library
Lunch Time Arrangements
May we take this opportunity to remind parents that their child’s lunch time meal needs to be ordered by
9.30 a.m. Several children are still coming to the serving hatch at lunchtime with no meal ordered. Our
lunchtime staff are happy to help the children with their choice of meal and accompanying vegetables
however as 157 children are fed within a 45 minute period it is difficult to monitor every child. If your
child does not like any of the food on their plate they may leave it. Alternatively children may bring a
packed lunch into school
PTA Easter Egg Hunt Saturday 21st March 2015
Please inform the school office if you wish to attend this event as the PTA need to know numbers by
Wednesday in order to purchase the necessary food and eggs.
School closes for the Easter Holiday on Friday 27th March and we return on Monday 13th April 2015.
Alison Drayton
Young Voices 2015
After weeks of hair pulling practice, the day was here! It was Wednesday 4th and Years 5 and 6
travelled to Manchester Phones 4 U arena with song words filling their heads as well as
anticipation of what the day was going to hold! St. Michael’s wasn’t the only children to take part
in this thrilling event but more than 3000 children all over the country took part. It was an
experience of a lifetime. Amber Y6
Young Voices started more than 10 years ago and lots of cities take part. Our school has done
this the first time with our music teachers. You can get souvenirs and t-shirts!
We were on a fidgety coach ride for 30 minutes until we reached out destination before we were
pulled into the supreme arena. It was colossal! We only just made it in time for the three hour
Soon after that, we had tea at 5.30 ‘til 6.30. Urban Strides was here to dance and, might I put it,
their moves were cool, awesome, incredible! At this point the parents and spectators arrived for
a breathtaking performance.
Later on the performance started! Pop stars were invited to come along and star in some song
including Unsinkable performed by Lucy Spraggen and the new band Mic Lowry! My favourite
songs were the pop melody and Believe! It started at 7 p.m. and ended at 9p.m. The lights were
so vibrant it would put neon to shame. It was stunning! It could blind!!
As the night come to a close, we were the first block to be called to go out of the concert. Mrs
Prole and Mrs Tomlinson were holding up a first aid bag or a bright pink lunch box so we didn’t
get lost. It took half an hour to find our coach. Our coach was near dominoes pizzeria and Mrs
Tomlinson stated “All the people who can’t fit in the bus can go across the road!” this made me
giggle. Amazingly, our coach had leather seats and a radio! It took 45 mins to get back home. It
was as busy as a bucket load of scurrying beetles.
It was the best thing since sliced bread. Hopeful Young Voices will come back and give the new
Y6’s and Y5’s an opportunity like this! Freja Jones
Wacky World Book Day
The excitement began on Thursday 5th March world book day – when everybody piled into
school dressed up as creative book characters. All primary schools were doing it even the
teachers; and this was no exception for St. Michaels. The day was packed with fun activities.
To set the school day off, we had a school assembly were each class had to do a Catwalk down
the middle of the hall! Everyone had their chance to shine, whether it was walking around,
striking a pose or just standing up. The day had only just kicked off, but we were already having
the best time ever.
After having individual photos taken, we made exciting creative booklets, all about the character
we were. Year 5 were doing the same whereas some classes did world book day maths. The
school was buzzing with excitement. All the time this was happening all other schools were
doing the same thing.
Lunch was over and another activity was about to begin. Some very talented people came in for
the afternoon. They acted out – very well – some book we might have known. This was the last
activity we had before assembly and home time. This was the best day ever! Amelia Reeves

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