Governing Body Committee Structure

Governing Body Committee Structure October 2018/19

Chairs Steering

Alison Drayton, Head
Chris Gallagher, Chair of Gov (Chair)
Ruth Boyd and Cheryl Jennings VC of Gov(Clerk)
Sub-committee Chairs

Finance and Buildings

Pip Williamson – Chair
Alison Drayton, Head
Naomi Kinsey (Clerk)
Paul Middleton

Pupil Progress & Curriculum

Ruth Boyd (Chair)
Emma Bailey (Clerk)
Alison Drayton (Head)
Chris Gallagher, Chair of Gov
Lucie Floode
Naomi Kinsey
Kate Rackham

Pay, Personnel, Performance Management

Cheryl Jennings (Clerk)
Ruth Boyd
Alison Drayton (Head)
Emma Bailey
Rachel Alves (Chair)
Chris Gallagher (Reviewing. Officer)


Kate Rackham
Alison Drayton (Clerk)
Emma Bailey (Chair)
Naomi Kinsey

Pool of Govs for: Pupil Discipline / Appeals / Hearings

Naomi Kinsey
Huw Thomas
Ruth Boyd
Cheryl Jennings
Chris Gallagher
Emma Bailey
Paul Middleton

Named Governors

Science: Emma Bailey
RE/Sports: Huw Thomas
SEN: Naomi Kinsey
Literacy: Ruth Boyd
Equalities and Maths: Rachel Alves
EYFS: Kate Rackham 
Pupil Premium and Safeguarding: Cheryl Leach
Computing: Kate Rackham

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