Special Educational Needs Local Offer

Special Educational Needs Local Offer

Trafford’s local offer makes it easier for families to find out about the support that is available for children and young people with SEN or who are Disabled. All schools and academies in Trafford are expected to identify and support pupils with special educational needs to make the best possible progress. Schools are supported to be as inclusive as possible and wherever possible, the needs of pupils with a Special Educational Need are met in a mainstream setting, where families want this to happen. Trafford’s Graduated Approach document provides guidance on what should usually be available within school’s resources.

Schools have a duty to publish SEN Information on their website which is updated every year. The questions on this template (click the link below to download) were developed with parents. Some schools have chosen to complete this template to provide their SEN Information.

St Michael’s SEN Local Offer 2019/2020

Who can I contact for further information?

Mrs Drayton – Headteacher
Mrs Smith– SENCO
Mrs Prole – Deputy Head.

What other support is available?

Find out more about the local offer of support which is available for disabled children and young people and those who have SEN on the TraffordServiceDirectory.co.uk/SENDlocaloffer or by contacting the Family Information Service:

Telephone: 0161 912 1053 Monday to Friday, 8.30am until 5pm
Email: fis@trafford.gov.uk
Twitter: @traffordfis
Facebook: www.facebook.com/traffordfis

Helpful Videos Describing the Trafford SEND Local Offer

General video

Parent carer video

Young person’s video