School Forms

School Forms

Free School Meals

Please complete this form if you believe that your child may be eligible for Free School Meals. The form lists the criteria under which an application can be made and will be of interest to some of our families, particularly those who rely on a single wage income

Free School Meals Application Form

Medicine in School Request

In order for your child to be given medicine in school you should print, complete and sign the medicine request form, which is available from this link

Medicine in School Request Form


School Visit Permission Form

In order for your child to be included in school trips and activities that take place outside of school premises we require your written consent. A form/ slip will normally be sent home to you alongside information about the proposed trip or activity.

If you or your child misplaces the original form then please print, complete and return the generic form from the link below.

Generic School Trip Permission Slip

Change of Contact Details

Please notify School as soon as possible should your contact details change as we need to maintain accurate contact details for parents and carers.