PTA News and Minutes

PTA News and Minutes

PTA Update Letter 20.11.14

PTA Fundraising – where should it be spent?

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone for their support with our PTA-run events this year and we hope you had some fun along the way! The aim of the PTA is to raise money to support the school in providing an enhanced school experience for the children. Through listening to the children, staff and parents the below projects have been suggested as areas they would like to see improved.

It would be beneficial if you could help decide which of the above projects you would like to see the funding put towards first. Please complete the form below to show your preference.

Please enter your name, select and area and click the Vote button.

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An extension to the Trim Trail in the main playgroundOutdoor gross motor skill equipment for Reception childrenBenches / seating for the area outside Y5 and Y6 classroomsOther