Governors’ Annual statement July 16

Governors’ Annual statement July 16

As we come to the end of another academic year at St Michael’s, the governors would like to take the opportunity to provide an overview of what we have been doing over that last 12 months. It has been another exciting and challenging year for staff and pupils as the new curriculum has been fully implemented and Years 2 and 6 have been the first to sit the new SATs. The school has been required to develop new ways of tracking children’s’ progress as the old levels were no longer to be used. Finance has become a concern as austerity measures have begun to have an effect on school budgets nationally.

Despite all the challenges, the school has continued to make good progress in all areas with recent SATs results confirming that we continue to perform above the national average.

Subcommittee/ specific governor reports

Pupil Progress and Curriculum Committee Chair: Ruth Boyd

  • The PPC has advised the full governing body to approve the following policies over the past year: Literacy, History, Geography, Behaviour, Bullying, Religious Education, and Assessment.
  • The committee has ensured that the School Leadership Team has implemented and maintained appropriate levels of tracking pupil performance throughout the year. The summary information from this tracking has been examined and analysed by the committee and questions relating to this data have been raised with the School Leadership Team and comprehensively answered.
  • Named link governors have been appointed in Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural Development (Lynda Sandbach), Literacy (Ruth Boyd), and Safeguarding (Naomi Kinsey and Emma Bailey). The Numeracy (Chris Gallagher) and SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities – Cheryl Leach) link governors remained the same.
  • The committee has linked with the SEND governor and school SENCO in the development and imminent implementation of a SEND tracking system. Pupil Premium funding has been monitored by the PPC and the purchase of the ‘Clicker’ computer programme approved to assist SEND pupils with Literacy lessons. 

Admissions Committee Chair: Lynda Sanbach

  • Our Admissions Policy has undergone a six week consultation period in line with current legislation. The consultation included all interested parties within Trafford and neighbouring local authorities. The result of the consultation is a slightly amended 2017/2018 Policy. This is available to view on our school website.
  • As in previous years the school was oversubscribed for Reception Class places for September 2016. Over subscription criteria was applied and the ranked list returned to Trafford School Admissions. As a result 30 school places were offered in April and all of the offers have been accepted.
  • A waiting list is now being held at Trafford and will be transferred for administration by the school in September 2016. 

Finance and Buildings Committee Chair: Chris Gallagher

  • The Finance and Buildings committee have supported the Head Teacher in evaluating the budget and taking steps to ensure an acceptable budget position over the next 2 years. This has required a restructure of the staff with some resulting redundancies. Information about this has previously been sent to parents.
  • The committee has supported the Head Teacher setting up a new Wrap Club which will provide high quality childcare before and after school with experienced staff. Children will be able to access a range of sporting and creative activities. The income from the Wrap Club will also support the school budget.
  • The committee considered an offer from Branley Homes of the creation of a woodland area for school as part of a residential development on the old station site. Parents were asked for feedback on this and were generally in favour. However, the planning proposal was rejected by the Local Authority on the grounds that part of the area is Greenbelt.
  • St Michael’s has secured funding from the diocese to improve the school building and this will be spent on the extension of the Year 2 classroom over the summer holidays.

Pupil Voice

  • Mrs Kinsey (Safeguarding governor) completed a Pupil Voice consultation with a number of pupils across the school as a part of Anti Bullying Week. Comments will be fed back to the School Council for action.

Staff Voice

  • Mrs Gould asked staff to complete a questionnaire in November 2015 to gauge morale and identify any specific staff concerns. The feedback was very positive and the staff generally feels well supported. Some concerns were raised e.g. uncertainty about the future, the number of policies to implement, low level behaviour issues and these discussed at a meeting in January 16. The Head Teacher agreed to support the staff develop some specific actions to address concerns. The questionnaire will be repeated in the autumn term to monitor staff morale.

SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

  • SEND governor, Mrs Leach, has supported Mrs Smith as SENCO in the development of the SEND framework for school. This will help identify children with additional needs quickly and allow interventions to be put in place to support the child.

Debbie Gould
Chair of Governors

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