Mission Statement

Mission Statement

st michael's primary school

We will prepare the children at St. Michael’s school for life, by giving them the opportunity to fulfil their potential within a happy caring Christian environment, where every individual is valued.
Teaching especially learning is at the heart of this happy caring Christian Community.

Each member of our school community:

  • Is committed to high standards for all
  • Is committed to meeting the needs of pupils as unique individuals
  • Is committed to teamwork, each stakeholder using their gifts and talents to build up the community as a whole.
  • Is committed to ongoing staff development and learning
  • Is committed to improve

We believe in offering as many enriching educational and life experiences for our pupils in order to develop their social, moral, cultural and spiritual development

“I have come that everyone may have life and have it to the full”
John 10.10

We are proud of our school, its traditions and its links with St. Michael’s Church. The link between the church and education goes back a very long way. In Flixton it is thought that the local parson persuaded the Squire of Flixton to provide a cottage at the North side of the Churchyard for the purpose of educating children. Since then the school has occupied five different sites with our present school opening in 1959. The strong link with church continues to be valued and beneficial to both school and church communities.