Wrap Around Care

St Michael’s – WRAP


At St. Michaels C.E. (Aided) Primary School, Flixton

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Opening Hours
Breakfast Club                    7.45am – 8.50am                                       
After School Club               3.25pm – 6.00pm
Phone                                  0161 748 3669           07468157260
Email address wrap@smpsflixton.co.uk

*see booking forms for available dates

Summary of Key Charges

Session Charges (Please book at least 2 weeks in advance, or 2 weeks before a school holiday for the following half term to avoid disappointment.)
Breakfast Club £5.00 / 2 children £8 / 3 children £12
After School Club £10 / 2 children £16 / 3 children £24
Late Pickup £5.00-£25.00 (see below)
Arrival without booking* £5.00 plus session charge
Cancellation of Breakfast or After School Club made less than 1 week before session Full session charges
Late bookings £1.00 plus session charge (see below)

*We cannot guarantee a place will be available if children arrive with no prior booking

This document forms the terms and conditions. By using the services you are agreeing to the enclosed terms.


Welcome to ‘St. Michael’s Wrap’ extra hours club. The club will provide breakfast and after school sessions for children from Nursery to Year 6.

The club will be an extension of the school and will reflect the school’s aims and ethos. The Breakfast club will be housed within our Nursery building whilst the after school club will continue to be run within the school.

Children will have the opportunity to relax, do homework, join in with indoor and outdoor activities, play and have fun.

Parents will be able to relax in the knowledge that their children are safe and well cared for.


The breakfast and after school clubs are open to children from Nursery up to Year 6. There are limited places available each day which are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Dates of Closure

The breakfast and after school club will be open during term-time only starting from Wednesday 6th September 2017. Please ask the school office for a calendar with the holiday dates. Cool Kids will continue to offer their holiday club for the school, based at St. Monica’s (for more information please contact Cool Kids directly on 07720 053601).


Bookings are taken by completion of a booking form or on an ad hoc basis subject to availability and advance payment.

Parents can book as far in advance as they wish (within the academic year) by using additional booking forms.

Places are subject to availability in accordance with the appropriate staff/pupil ratios, space available and health and safety requirements.

All forms are available from the school office or by email from the address on the front page.

Booking Deadlines

The deadlines below are the point when we will plan the club in terms of staffing and resources. We are happy to take late bookings for the clubs if staffing and space allows.

Autumn Term 2016 Booking Deadline
Half Term starting 5th September 2016

(Club opening from 5th September)

15th July 2016
Half Term starting 31st October 2016 07th October 2016
Spring Term 2015 Booking Deadline
Half Term starting 4th January 2017 07th December 2016
Half Term starting 20th February 2017 28th January 2017
Summer Term Booking Deadline
Half Term starting 18th April 2017 28th March 2017
Half Term starting 12th  June 2017 12th May 2017

Late Bookings

Late bookings can be made, subject to availability and advance payment. A £1.00 surcharge per service is added to late bookings as follows:

  • Breakfast Club – bookings made after 9am the previous day
  • After school Club – bookings made after 2.30pm the previous day

Arrival without a booking

*Arrival without a booking is not always possible due to staffing ratios and space. In this instance you are at risk of your child not being able to stay.

If a child is expecting to be in the after school club and we haven’t received a booking in advance, we will contact the parent in the first instance. If we are unable to contact the parent, we will admit the child to the club and make the following charges:-

If your child arrives at club without a booking a charge of £5 per child, per session will be made in addition to the session fee. This charge will not be removed unless parents/carers can show written confirmation from school* that they already had a firm booking for the session.

*written confirmation can be in the form of a text, email or note from staff in the handover diary that is used by club staff and the St Michaels-Wrap administrator (these notes are made on the day that the change was requested).

Changes and Cancellation

Cancellation can be made at any time but credit will only be offered if the required notice is given. To obtain a credit for a session, cancellation must be received in writing 1 week (7 days) before the session to be cancelled.

Credits will not be offered in any other circumstance, including illness.

Credits will be offered in the form of another club session. The cash will not normally be refunded.

Changes to bookings may be accommodated at the discretion of the ASC Manager, subject to availability and the notice period listed above.

Payments can be made by the following means:

  • Through Parentpay in advance of ASC sessions
  • Cash/Cheque- Only in emergencies.

Payment Deadlines

Payments can be made at any time via Parentpay. There will be two payment items set up on Parent Pay, ie – A Breakfast Club payment item and an After School Club payment item.

The school office will be able to print payment details and pass these to the Club Manager in order for her to reconcile sessions booked with the payment received.

Payments must be made as sessions are booked or at least by two days before the session or additional charges will be made, (see above). Payments must be made in advance and children will not be able to use the club unless payments for previous sessions have all been paid in full.

Debt on your account is not permitted. Debt will result in your child’s place being withdrawn immediately. Places will not be held during this period and may be offered to someone else. Therefore debt on your account will result in the loss of your child’s place.

Emergency/Parent contact details

Please complete the form on the reverse of the booking form to provide us with details and ensure you contact us if anything changes. The records for the club are separate to the school records so forms must still be completed.

Arrival/Pick up

You will be required to provide a password for the purposes of pick up (on the booking form). This will be required for anyone picking your child up from after school club. If they are unable to provide the password we will need to call you to confirm their identity and to obtain your permission.

Children who attend the Wrap Club must be collected by a responsible person aged 16 years or over.

Please note that the car park is for staff and visitors only. You must not use the car park for dropping off or collecting children from the clubs.

Late arrivals can be accepted but breakfast will not be served after 8.30am and discounted prices are not offered.

Breakfast Club

Nursery children – Nursery children will remain in Nursery for the start of their morning session.

Infant and Junior children – will be taken to the playground to handover to their class teachers for 8.50am.

After school club

Nursery children- A member of the Wrap club will collect any children from Nursery and bring them to the ASC.

Infant and Junior children – children will be escorted to the club from their classrooms at 3.25pm.

If your child is attending another club, such as a sports club, before coming over to the Wrap Club, the club staff will collect your child from the club. It is the parents’ responsibility to let the staff at the Wrap Club know that their child is attending a club and the finish time so that they know when to collect them.

Late Collection

Late collection by parents incurs a cost to the school in staff overtime fees and inconvenience to staff members. Therefore charges will be applied for late collection as follows:

  • 6.00pm to 6.15pm: £5.00
  • 6.15pm to 6.30pm: £15.00
  • 6.30pm to 6.45pm: £25.00


Parents and carers are asked to advise the club staff of any special dietary requirements or allergies.

Breakfast Club:

Breakfast is served until 8.30am

Children are offered a choice of items including milk, fruit juice, toast, fruit, yoghurts and a range of cereals.

After school club:

Children are offered a choice of snacks and drinking water is available throughout the session.

Activities and Games

Children will be offered a wide range of activities and games which are age appropriate, enjoyable and well organised. They will also have opportunities to do homework, rest, play quietly and engage in free play.

If films or electronic games are made available they will have a U rating. Children are not permitted to play their own electronic games at the club, including those they may have on their phones.


Staff are employed by the school and are subject to enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service, formerly CRB checks). They also receive appropriate first aid and food hygiene training and other qualifications as required. There will always be at least one member of staff available with a Paediatric First Aid Certificate. The club staff are responsible for following all school policies and procedures.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, (SEND)

The club is available to all pupils of St. Michael’s C.E (Aided) Primary School. If your child has any SEN or Disabilities and you feel they may need special adaptations or additional support in place in order to access the clubs please speak to the school office or club manager.


As a general rule we do not administer medication. If your child needs medication such as inhalers and Epipens an Individual Health Care Plan may be needed. Staff may only administer medication which has been prescribed to a child and permission forms must be completed by parents or carers in advance. Please talk to staff to make arrangements to manage the medication.

In cases of infectious diseases, the Local Authority issue guidelines on the required length of absence. We will share this information with you as necessary.

If your child has sickness or diarrhoea you must keep him/her off for at least 48 hours from the last bout of illness.

Other Relevant Policies

The club falls under the business of St. Michael’s C.E. (Aided) Primary School and the school’s policies apply. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Safeguarding, (Child Protection), Policy
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Feeling Safe In School, (Anti Bullying), Policy
  • Charging Policy
  • Complaints Policy
  • SEND Policy
  • Equalities Scheme
  • Health, Safety and Well-being Policy

Statement – Miss Nina Mathers, Manager St. Michael’s WRAP

I hope you find the information contained within this document informative and useful. On behalf of our School, we welcome all parents and children to our newly formed WRAP care facility here at St. Michael’s.

If you do have any queries, comments or issues you wish to discuss with me, please do not hesitate to contact me either on 0161 748 3669 /07468157260 or by email wrap@smpsflixton.co.uk.


Nina Mathers

Download this page as a PDF document to print out the application form or click on the image below and print.

WRAP breakfast and after school club form